At PHILIP ZAHM DESIGNS our loose colored gemstone business has continued to flourish and our extensive inventory continues to grow. Dealing in only the finest quality precious and semi-precious gems we strive to bring you exceptional specimens to entice your imagination and exceed your customer's expectations. We currently deal in over 40 different types of fine natural gemstones. They have been the foundation of our business for over 30 years. Recent buying trips have included Brazil, Burma, India, Thailand, Colombia, Sri Lanka, and other fascinating places. New additions to our inventory include fine unheated fancy Sapphire, Zambian Emerald, Australian Opal, exceptional Burmese and Madagascar Ruby and Brazilian Tourmaline just to name a few. We buy gorgeous loose gems not only to meet our strict jewelry specifications for our growing designer jewelry line but first and foremost, so we can meet your loose gemstone needs. So please don't forget we are the #1 direct importer of loose color and if we can't find what you are looking for we will try to direct you to someone who can. Philip Zahm personally chooses each gemstone in our collection by traveling to the major gemstone-producing centers of the world. His thirty years of experience means you can consistently count on us to offer the most beautiful gems available and the best possible value. Plus, Philip's good relationship with suppliers worldwide opens doors to gems of exceptional quality and beauty that other gem dealers may never even get to see! A note about the countries where Philip buys gems: You may notice that we use the "old" names for the countries of Myanmar and Sri Lanka. We still call them Burma and Ceylon, respectively. This is simply a tradition in the gem industry. Perhaps this tradition persists because of the romantic images that the names Burma and Ceylon conjure up in our minds and hearts.

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